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VF Capital Sdn Bhd (VF Capital) was incorporated on 26th October 2004. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Priharta Development Sdn Bhd (PHT).

PHT, the holding company of VF Capital, is a private equity company with diversified investment in transportation, properties development and holds a substantial interest in the Rimbunan Hijau Group.

PHT sets up VF Capital to provide venture capital to those fast growing high technology companies for expansion and development.

Corporate Information – VF Capital

Priharta Development Sdn Bhd

Board of Directors
Tiong Chiong Ie
Kong Sau Yen
Dominic Lai Yew Hock

Key Management
Chia Kah Pheng (Chief executive officer)

Principal Activities

The principal activity of VF Capital is venture capital investment in high growth and high technology companies primarily focusing on information and communication technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

VF Capital is allocated an investment fund of RM50 million for the venture investment. This RM50 million fund is internally generated within the PHT Group and it is expected to be invested over the next few years.

VF Capital also strongly believes that the venture capital industry is closely linked with the capital market and it is VF Capitalís objective to support the Malaysian capital market.

Portfolio Allocation

It is also envisaged that the investment portfolio will be allocated in the following weightage:-

  • Information and communication technology 30%
  • Biotechnology 40%
  • Nanotechnology 30%

However, VF Capital will be actively monitoring and reviewing its portfolio allocation to meet the needs of the market. This is to ensure that VF Capital is able to channel fund into the appropriate sectors and help the companies to grow. VF Capital is a dynamic and responsive venture capitalist who believes in funding the future growth of the technology companies.

Strategic Deployment

VF Capital plans to source for investments via its own network as well as to form strategic alliances and/or joint ventures with other technology incubators and venture capitalists.

VF Capital also strongly believes that the venture capital industry is closely linked with the capital market and it is VF Capital’s objective to support the Malaysian capital market.


Recent Success

On 23rd August 2006, VF Capital has successfully floated TechnoDex Bhd, its first investment in Malaysia, onto the MESDAQ. VF Capital invested into TechnoDex in March 2005 by providing RM 3 million to fund their ambitious expansion plan. VF Capital provided not just the capital but time, guidance and direction to the management team of TechnoDex to ensure that their plan was executed accordingly.

Along the way, VF Capital also introduced its extensive business networks and corporate expertise to TechnoDex. VF Capital believes that its commitment to value-add into the investee company is one of the key to its successful investment. VF Capital will continue to be actively involved in TechnoDex by its involment in TechnoDexís board. VF Capital believes that such commitment will in turn be reflected in the growth in value of its stake in TechnoDex.




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